Mega Hertz sells Volicon products to U.S. cable operators

Mega Hertz has reached an agreement with Volicon to become its exclusive VAR partner for sales to the U.S. cable TV industry. Mega Hertz is a VAR that supports deployment of advanced video technologies over fiber and coax-based broadband and IP networks. Mega Hertz will provide Volicon’s Observer RPM products to the cable industry in its services to increase the efficiency and reliability of digital broadcast networks and services.

The Observer RPM platform is designed to help MSOs and cable operators monitor the quality of their broadcasts in central and remote, headends or hubsite facilities. The Observer RPM automates the channel-scanning process, scanning as many as 500 video channels continuously, to verify the presence of video and audio and to detect faults, such as no video, frozen video, black video and audio levels out of threshold.

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