Meeting to take up broadcast flag standard, progress of DTV conversion

The FCC will take up the progress of U.S. broadcasters in their conversion to digital transmission, rules promoting the adoption of fundamental technology needed for inclusion of a broadcast flag to protect content from digital piracy, and the security of U.S. media and communications infrastructure when it holds an open meeting at commission headquarters.

Among the announced agenda items:

  • A report from the Homeland Security Policy Council on steps the commission is making this year to promote homeland security.
  • A Notice of Inquiry on an examination of the effectiveness of the Emergency Alert System in warning the public in the event of an emergency.
  • The second periodic review of rules and policies that impact television stations in converting from analog to digital transmission. The commission will consider a Report and Order.
  • The consideration of an Order responding to an initial certification window regarding technologies for protecting digital output and recording methods that could be adopted to implement the Redistribution Control Descriptor described in ATSC Standard A/65B (broadcast flag).

The Aug. 4 meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. ET. Audio and video coverage of the event will be available over the Internet via streaming media.

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