Media Bureau releases new version of “The Public and Broadcasting”

The FCC’s Media Bureau last week released an updated version of a document all broadcasters must keep in their public inspection files.

The publication, “The Public and Broadcasting,” informs members of the public about the tools at their disposal if they believe a local broadcaster is not fulfilling its service obligation.

The Media Bureau updated the document at the direction of the commission. The new version includes links to FCC Web pages offering more information about topics discussed. It also includes an overview of FCC regulations of radio and television, describes how stations are authorized and explains rules and policies related to broadcast programming. It also explains that stations are obliged to serve their local communities.

All broadcast licensees are required to replace their existing version of “The Public and Broadcasting” with the latest version. They also are obliged to send the document to any member of the public requesting it.

The new version of the document is available at: