Media 100 Announces Largest 844/X Sale to Date

Media 100--a unit of Optibase--recently sold four units of its 844/X real time, online editing and compositing system to WPSD-TV, News Channel 6, based in Paducah, Kentucky. The deal marks the largest sale to date of Media 100's 844/X.

The seven-person team at WPSD-TV most likely will use the 844/X to edit, composite and tweak multi-layer topical and station promos as well as the proofs-of-performance, local commercials and local public service announcements.

Dave Rowton, WPSD-TV's creative services director, said that projects could be completed in less time using the new system. When users are able to complete two-hour projects in 30 to 40 minutes, the extra time could be used to enhance the design quality of work, he said.

Features of the system dubbed the Visual Effects Release, 844/X v.3.0 include advanced keying, 3D DVE, shadow and glow effects, XML-based metadata interchange and others.

"The speed of the layering and effects capability of 844/X is going to dramatically improve the design quality and timeliness of our spots. We expect to have one of the most state-of-the-art production suites between Nashville and St. Louis," said Rowton.