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Matsushita Sees Plasma Demand Leveling at 30 Percent

LCD technology has seen steady gains in HD market share over plasma and other HD technologies in the past couple of years. Still, although Matsushita (under the Panasonic brand) does see a lessening in consumer demand for plasma in the next couple of years, it predicts plasma’s market share decline will plateau at around 30 percent for flat screens of 37 inches and wider.

Matsushita’s current sales figures show plasma screens now hold about 40 percent of market share, according to Reuters.

Matsushita does have a stake, of sorts, in its own prediction: It continues to be among the world’s largest makers of plasma sets, even while the technology has been steadily losing share to LCD. Until recently, plasma screens larger than 37 inches seemed technically superior to many observers, but LCD technology (which is back-lighted) has experienced continual improvement.

Matsushita, which is spending more than $2 billion to double its plasma capacity in the next couple of years, also produces LCD HD models, although none larger than 37 inches.