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Masstech helps OEMs meet European RoHS requirements

Masstech EMS has announced its Environmental Compliance Information Solutions initiative. The family of services is designed to help customers comply with changing environmental regulations.

The first critical service offering is the Lead Free Conversion Program, designed to help OEMs prepare for and comply with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Materials (RoHS) Directive. The new rules require that all products distributed in Europe be lead free by July 2006.

Masstech’s RoHS program provides companies with a clear path to designing and building lead-free products. The service helps manufacturers to identify leaded components and recommends available options for lead-free replacement parts and/or product redesign.

The step-by-step service includes:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Cleanse: detailed software-generated analysis of every component in a specific product to identify leaded components that require replacement.
  • Recommendations on Lead-Free Replacement Parts: specific suggestions on replacement parts from a client’s approved vendor list and/or viable options from other suppliers.
  • Component Intelligence For Reduced Risks: information on the viability/risks of available replacement parts, including product lifecycle information and part class analysis.
  • Parametric Data Analysis: technical data on material composition of replacement parts.

Once the assessment process is complete and the new lead-free components have been selected, Masstech can then partner with its customers to secure the new components through its supply chain and manufacture the lead-free product.

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