Marty Franks Retiring from CBS

NEW YORK—CBS announced today that Martin Franks, the network’s executive vice president of planning, policy and government affairs, is retiring at the end of September.

Franks, a 25 year veteran of Black Rock, was a pivotal player in establishing CBS’s retransmission negotiations. In an email to CBS employees today, network President Les Moonves praised Franks achievements, which he characterized as “too numerous to mention.”

“The CBS we know today would not have been possible without Marty’s contributions over the past 25 years,” Moonves wrote. “He was instrumental in enacting Retransmission Consent, and then helped turn it into what is now a fast-growing, nine-figure revenue source for our Company.”

Franks, who divided his time between Washington and New York, was also praised by NAB President Gordon Smith. "If there was ever an unsung superstar in the broadcast business, it was Marty Franks,” Smith said. “For a quarter of a century, Marty has personified professionalism at CBS. His wise Washington guidance helped broadcasters procure retransmission consent fees in the 1992 Cable Act; as Leslie Moonves's 'go-to guy' in New York, Marty has provided counsel and advice as solid as a Black Rock. The NAB family wishes Marty a long and active retirement."