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Mansion Mobile Television chooses Genelec DSP systems for new HD truck

Mansion Mobile Television, based in Branson, MO, recently unveiled its new ME-2 HD mobile unit. For surround-sound reference audio, the company selected 8240A Bi-Amplified Active DSP Monitors from Genelec.

The mobile unit, designed by Santa Clara, CA-based integrator Diversified Systems, includes the 8240A monitors set up as a 5.1 surround system with a Genelec 7260A Subwoofer. A separate pair of 8030A Bi-Amplified Active Monitors was installed to allow the engineer to listen to the program material prior to going live to air.

The Genelec 8240As use proprietary GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software with AutoCal automated acoustical system-wide self-calibration algorithm. The system helps transform the mobile unit’s environment into a tuned studio listening room that can be optimized for doing sports, entertainment and music production. The sweet spot is set to where the engineer is sitting.

Mansion Mobile also has Genelec monitoring systems in all rooms at its main headquarters for audio quality and consistency. The truck is mainly used for sports productions, including NBA basketball, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NCAA/Big 12 basketball and the NFL.