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Malta: Melita to premiere HD by Summer

HD services are coming to the Republic of Malta. (Can 3D be far behind?)

TV services firm Melita is alerting its current subs that HD is coming to two of Malta's seven islands (Malta and Gozo) later this spring. The Maltese archipelago sits in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily. The entire nation is thought to have about 390,000 residents.

Melita is not yet specifying what HD channels it will begin carrying with its HD expansion, although its Web site promotes several U.S. series from broadcast networks, such as "The Mentalist" (CBS) and "24" (Fox).

Part of Melita's promotional campaign leading up to HD delivery is designed to lead into the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament coming in late spring from South Africa.

Melita has already begun distributing its next-gen set-top boxes, which includes eventual access to HD channels, EPG, VOD and DVR.