Mago Films shoots ‘Surfing the Menu’ with JVC GY-HD101E

Mago Films shoots “Surfing the Menu” with its new JVC GY-HD101E.

Mago Films in Perth, Australia, has just finished the third series of “Surfing the Menu” for ABC TV in Australia.

Unlike the previous two seasons, this season’s “Surfing the Menu” was shot with the production company’s new JVC GY-HD101E.

In previous series, Mago Films shot mainly with a single DigiBeta. The cooking sequences for each episode were all shot on one day with two DigiBetas, requiring the second camera to be flown in. Rather than rent the second camera, Mago Films sought to acquire its own camera, which could seamlessly match the DigiBeta.

After much research, the company settled on the JVC GY-HD101E. For “Surfing the Menu 3,” the JVC GY-HD101E has delivered high-detail close-ups with color depth. It’s also been used as a second camera option for pick-up shots and extra coverage. The footage from the JVC GY-HD101E has been downconverted to SD and edited with the DigiBeta footage.

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