Magna Systems provides Australia's ABC with election graphics

Magna Systems and Engineering has again provided graphics solution to Australian broadcaster ABC for the 2010 federal election. For this year’s elections, the ABC team wanted to create a new look that involves 3-D graphics and expands on the system created by Magna for the last election, which moved ABC away from the manual process it had used in the past to a newer, more automated one.

The turnkey system is based on the Chyron HyperX2 CG, the Lyric Pro motion graphics feature set and Magna’s GFX Commander software. GFX Commander is the custom software system written exclusively for ABC by Magna Systems’ software architects, in which all the graphics (including 3-D text, pictures, manipulation and animation) are designed on the Chyron HyperX2 running the Lyric Pro graphics engine in real time at 1 million polygons per second.

GFX Commander enables the on-screen graphics to be updated automatically with all the producers and operators having simultaneous remote access to the same system. Presenters and journalists also have Web access to the graphics, which means they can see exactly what’s coming next.