Lyon Video Adds 32 For-A Multi-Purpose Signal Processors, Three Production Switchers

Lyon Video
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CYPRESS, Calif.—Mobile production facilities provider Lyon Video has acquired three For-A HVS-4900 4K UHD video switchers and 32 multi-purpose signal processors—each with optional software to support HDR, bringing to 42 the number of FA-9600 processors it’s placed into service since late August.

Some of the newly purchased signal processors will be added to the existing complement of For-A solutions on Lyon-14, a 53-foot expando OB truck being used for a 13-game NCAA Division I college football package during the 2021 season, For-A said.

The other new For-A FA-9600 signal processors will be used as part of Lyon Video flypacks in various remote applications. The three new video switchers are also being added to the flypacks.

Designed for use in live environments, the switchers’ event memory and macro function make set up easy, and MELite technology eliminates the need to use multiple switchers in a staging scenario, the company said.

“After just a few outings, we saw the difference in our upconversion to 4K UHD,” said Lyon Video President Chad Snyder, “and we ordered another 32 FA-9600’s immediately for use across our equipment fleet.”

“Viewers want a pristine 4K picture. With these signal processors as part of our equipment package, we can include the extra visual elements that viewers are accustomed to seeing without concern about signal quality. This gives the production a consistent feel at the network level,” he said.

Although Lyon Video will produce the football games in UHD, not all of the content from outside sources, such as graphics, POV cameras and effects, will be supplied in UHD. The FA-9600s will be used to provide high-quality upconversion of HD signals, which helps avoid a jarring difference in picture quality between elements for the viewer.

“The quality of the conversion is so important,” said Snyder. “When we looked at the options available to us, the FA-9600’s quality was superior to their competitors.”

Long term, Lyon Video plans to use the FA-9600s for a variety of applications in all productions. Besides their use in flypacks, the signal processors will enhance the capability of Lyon Video trucks to produce HD/3G and UHD with wider color gamut, including HDR 3D LUT, the company said.

The FA-9600 signal processor is designed for live HDR broadcast production. Each of its two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs include: a frame synchronizer, HDR and Wide Color Gamut support and conversion of multiple formats, including 12G, 4K (UHD), 1080p and HD/SD-SDI.

Its 12G-SDI terminals provide support for 4K production (with optional software), while an optional expansion card adds four more channels of 3G-SDI I/O or six channels of 12G-SDI distributed output. Built-in LUTs as well as support of 3D LUTs for SDR-HDR, HDR-HDR and HDR-SDR conversions in mixed SDR and HDR production environments are provided.

More information about For-A solutions and Lyon Video is available online.

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