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Warner Home Video Enhances VOD

Warner Home Video has enhanced its video on demand and pay per view programming to include exclusive content for upcoming movies.

Reminiscent of VH-1's "pop up" videos of the past (but without the irony), Warner Home Video's "Movies that Pop" feature will provide unique movie "extras" for select titles that include select scenes played again at the end of the film in which "instant window" of information appear on screen highlighting facts and figures about those scenes. "Batman Begins" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" will be among the first movies to include the value-added enhancements when it launches in early December.

The feature will be available for free with select Warner Bros. title PPV and VOD purchases to an estimated 40 million viewers. As a sell-in tool, Warner is also making a two-minute teaser for each movie available to be used in the FREE VOD sections or for satellite systems to run on their barker channels.