LSI Logic Introduces DVD HD Recorder Processors

LSI Logic is launching several ATSC-compliant DVD HD recorder system processors--the DoMiNo (DMN) 8633 and 8683. Both are single-chip processors that can simultaneously decode and display HD content while recording on a DVD player, using a single device.

Its introduction is timed to coincide with the FCC mandate requiring peripheral TV equipment such as VCRs and DVD recorders to be ATSC-compliant by March 2007, according to an LSI statement. Among other things, DVD recorder manufacturers will need to add HD ATSC tuner capability (consisting of a digital tuner, an 8 VSB demodulator and an ATSC HD decoder processor) to their existing DVD recorder systems.

The DMN-8633/83 processors decode and display HD video via HDMI, with the 8683 enabling time-shifting of HD video. LSI is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif.