London's itfc extends TMD Mediaflex for digital archiving

TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) has been contracted by itfc, the London-based provider of content management and media access services. Under the deal, TMD will implement an archive solution that will enable itfc to add flexible, cost-effective storage to its existing system along with the ability to offer enhanced services complementing the existing digital and tape archive operations at the facility.

The new system will use TMD’s Mediaflex application platform to streamline workflows across the digital content supply chain by managing Front Porch Digital's DIVArchive software platform and Quantum's iScalar 6000 enterprise-class tape library. The library scales to 5000 slots and uses the LTO-5 format, with 1.5TB per tape.

As a service provider, itfc can offer disk or tape to meet customer requirements. Nearline storage includes 60TB of Sun Thumper disk arrays.

Mediaflex provides management for both physical media and file-based content, resulting in efficient, high-throughput media production and significant advances in business process integration. TMD and itfc are also working closely to configure the Mediaflex API for wider use within itfc in a service-oriented architecture.

Itfc director of engineering and technology Dave Harris said, “The increase in storage requirements for enhanced digital and HD workflows means that we need to add capacity in a seamless manner. It must have support for our existing Mediaflex implementation and be robust, cost-effective and flexible. We selected DIVArchive because it is media-aware, has many good reference sites already working with Mediaflex, can be used as an extension of Mediaflex and offers support for partial file restore workflows, which we may want to use in the future. The Quantum iScalar 6000 robotic system is also readily scalable for anticipated future expansion.”