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Locast in High Gear: TV Streaming Service Expands

Locast, which is providing free over-the-top access to New York TV station over-the-air signals, is expanding, a move that could finally draw a response from broadcasters, sports leagues or studios, who have yet to respond legally or otherwise.

The service launched in January in New York without the knowledge or consent of, or compensation to, the 13 TV stations, including stations owned by the Big Four networks, whose signals it is delivering free to fixed and mobile broadband devices.

Locast launched Aug. 2 in Dallas and says it will add three other top-10 markets as it rolls out nationally.

Locast backer Sports Fans Coalition also says it has launched a new interface and an Android app.

“Broadcast TV since its inception was supposed to be free and available to the public, especially during football season, when every local professional game is on broadcast,” said SFCNY chair David Goodfriend of the expansion. “Dallas is football country and this fall, Dallas fans will be able to watch their home team online for free,” said Goodfriend. “Texas taxpayers helped to pay for the stadiums, roads, ramps, and rights-of-way that make the games possible; they own the public airwaves that carry the games on TV; and they deserve to watch their home."