Local news tops list of Mobile DTV programming, says OMVC

Local TV news tops the list of what viewers participating in the Washington, D.C., showcase of mobile DTV watch, according to findings released this week by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC).

Viewing is heaviest during the work week and is spread throughout the day with showcase participants tuning into 33 different genres of programming throughout the summer.

Key findings from the OMVC Washington Consumer Showcase, thus far:

  • The most popular mobile program is local news, according to trial data compiled by Rentrak's Mobile Essentials system. Mobile DTV is primarily watched during the work week, and local news leads viewing by number of episodes and total unique viewers.
  • Convenience is a key, with viewers checking in wherever they go. In addition to watching at home when others are tuned to different programs on the family big-screen, viewers reported increased TV watching outside of the home, including while commuting on public transportation, during lunch breaks in the middle of the day, and while waiting at the doctor's office or supermarket.
  • In an emergency, mobile viewing spikes. The Mobile DTV devices proved to be an invaluable source of information during approaching storms and other public safety emergencies where information was not immediately forthcoming from authorities.
  • Viewers don't want to give up Mobile DTV. Even with the inherent limitations of trying prototype devices, mobile viewers didn't want to relinquish their Mobile DTV devices when their portion of the showcase had come to a close.

Since May, when 150 Sprint customers exchanged their cell phones for specially-modified Samsung Moment phones, participants on the Open Mobile Video Coalition's Mobile DTV Consumer Showcase have shared their experiences with market researchers who are following viewing habits and tracking consumer opinions. Prototype Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbooks equipped with Mobile DTV circuitry were provided to an additional 200 consumers in late June.