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Local DTV transition continues

The NAB has updated its list of stations transmitting a digital signal to include 30 new broadcasters. This brings the current total 1216 over-the-air DTV stations in 207 markets that serve 99.69 percent of U.S. TV Households.

The newest stations includes NBC affiliates WTAP-TV, in Parkersburg, WV (DMA#187) and KTVF-TV, in Fairbanks, AL (DMA# 203), which are the first in their respective markets to be on the air in DTV. Also, Univision affiliates WLII-TV and WSUR-TV located in Puerto Rico.

The other new commercial stations now on the air are:

WQPX-TV, in Scranton, PA (DMA# 53); WPXC-TV, in Brunswick, GA, (DMA# 52); WPXN-TV, in NY, (DMA# 1); KTVQ-TV, in Billings, MT (DMA# 170); KXLF-TV, in Butte, MT (DMA# 194); KAPP-TV, in Yakima, WA (DMA# 127); KYOU-TV, in Ottumwa, Iowa (DMA# 197); WCFT-TV, in Birmingham, AL. (DMA# 40); WGPX-TV, in Burlington, NC (DMA# 46); KION-TV and KCBA-TV, both in Monterey, CA (DMA# 121); KCOY-TV, in Santa Maria, CA (DMA# 119); KREZ-TV, in Durango, CO (DMA# 190); WPXM-TV, in Miami, FL. (DMA# 17); WYMT-TV, in Hazard, KY (DMA# 65); WLAJ-TV, in Lansing, MI (DMA# 110); KRCG-TV, in Jefferson City, MO (DMA# 139); WNLO-TV, in Buffalo, NY (DMA# 44); WIXT-TV, in Syracuse, NY (DMA# 79); WDLI-TV, in Canton, Ohio (DMA# 15); KDLO-TV, in Florence, SD (DMA# 112); KPLO-TV, in Reliance, SD (DMA# 112); and KETH-TV, in Houston, TX (DMA# 11).

Three new PBS member stations now on-the-air include WUFT-TV, in Gainesville, FL (DMA# 162); KTXT, in Lubbock, TX (DMA# 147) and WHRM, in Wausau, WI (DMA# 134).

The NAB said 85.75 percent of the more than 106 million U.S. TV households are in markets with five or more broadcasters airing DTV and 65.73 percent are in markets with eight or more broadcasters sending digital signals. In 36 markets, all of the local stations are now broadcasting a DTV signal.

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