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LiveU, Dejero Taking Part in NASA, SpaceX Launch Coverage

(Image credit: Photo by David Sitak, WJTV©)

HACKENSACK, N.J. & WATERLOO, Ontario—LiveU and Dejero have announced their participation in the NASA TV broadcast of the historic NASA Commercial Crew Program launch with SpaceX that is scheduled to take place on May 27.

A consortium of companies, including TVU Networks, are aiding the broadcast of the launch—the first of American astronauts to take off from American soil since 2011—so video can be transmitted to broadcasters from all over, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has limited on-site production capabilities.

LiveU will be providing its LU600 4K HEVC field unit to the NASA TV crew to document the astronaut’s trip from the holding area to the rocket ship launch pad and the subsequent launch. LiveU Matrix, meanwhile, will assist with the worldwide distribution of multiple positioned pool cameras—provided by the Central Florida Media Committee—to cover the launch.

For Dejero, its PathWay encoders/transmitters has been inserted into a portable broadcast kit to provide low-latency video, and the MultiPoint IP video distribution network will handle the multiple feeds from the pool cameras that can be simultaneously shared with Dejero customers. Local Florida station WJXT is also using two Dejero WayPoint receivers to reconstruct, decode and output feeds from PathWay transmitters.

Dejero customers can access the pool feeds from (opens in new tab)

The NASA/SpaceX launch will take place on May 27 at 4:32 p.m. from Kennedy Space Center.

Full coverage will be available via NASA Live (opens in new tab)