Live Webcasts Deliver Niche ACC Sporting Events to Fans

Fans of ACC sports that do not generally garner television coverage can now see some of their favorites in action live on the Internet, thanks to an innovative partnership of the ACC, Lincoln Financial Sports, Raycom Sports and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Live Webcasts of selected events are being presented on the ACC Select network at, for a modest monthly fee or on a fee-per-event basis.

Turner Broadcasting is providing the video streaming platform that delivers the sporting events. Turner is also offering training for college staff members and students to operate the systems. The first eight kits, designed by Turner Broadcasting System and Norcross, GA-based Broadcast Equipment Consultants and built, integrated and supported by Broadcast Equipment Consultants, have already been delivered. Seven additional systems will be delivered in October of 2006.

Essentially a small, complete TV production unit, the entire system is contained in three rolling cases. The cases sport everything universities need to produce high-quality events for live streaming or uploading for on-demand viewing—including multiple cameras, video and audio switchers and proprietary control software.

“This is an exciting project that really takes advantage of the strengths of next-generation broadcast equipment and streaming video technology,” said Kevin Garguilo, vice president of Broadcast Equipment Consultants. “ACC Select is opening the door to a creative new avenue for delivering live sports coverage and other events to niche audiences.”