Live From Tulsa: It's Calrec!

(January 6, 2004) Yorkshire, U.K.--KJRH Television in Tulsa, OK, has gone live to air with a 40-fader Zeta 100 digital console from Calrec Audio. The console, configured with 24 mono and 32 stereo channels, will be installed in KJRH's Studio A/B. It is the first Zeta 100 to go live to air in the U.S. since it's launch at NAB 2003.
Affiliated with NBC, KJRH is a mid-market station that is very involved with the local community and has a major focus on local news. The console will be used primarily for local news and will produce live programming for a minimum of 4 1/2 hours every day.
"We have been in the process of converting the facility to digital for four years," said KJRH engineering manager Dale Vennes. "Installing a digital console was next on the list. The fact that the Zeta is a hybrid with an integral router made the integration very simple.
"The Zeta is our only audio production console and has a very heavy live workload, so I needed to ensure that the console we purchased had a proven track record as well as many redundant features. Being a scaled down version of the Alpha, the Zeta carries the time proven reliability and quality that Calrec is known for.
"Although we have had no experience with Calrec other than listening to people in the industry, I felt confident that the track record of Calrec products would carry over to the Zeta line."
Calrec Audio