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Lionsgate partners with CheckPoints for DVD, Blu-ray sales

Lionsgate has inked an agreement with CheckPoints to offer an eponymous application to deliver mobile offers and product information to consumers’ smart phones while they shop. By using their smart phones to scan the bar codes of Lionsgate’s new DVD and Blu-ray home entertainment releases, users can earn CheckPoints virtual currency, which they can redeem for rewards, watch movie previews and trailers, and be eligible for exclusive offers. The offers include a dollars-off mobile coupon to buy the specific DVD and/or Blu-ray title.

Titles in the CheckPoints promotion include TV dramas “Mad Men” and “Weeds,” children’s TV shows “Timmy Time” and “Thomas and Friends,” and theatrical releases including “The Next Three Days.” Lionsgate executive vice president of marketing and home entertainment Anne Parducci dubbed the new service “a mobile circular for DVDs and Blu-rays.” The CheckPoints application is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Lionsgate is releasing CheckPoints with five different products and is rotating its products to study the results, including which products get the most scans and how many people redeem the offers. The independent movie studio has 15 shows on more than 10 networks and a library of 13,000 motion picture and TV titles. It joins a list of other brands that have engaged the CheckPoints technology, including Unilever, Energizer, Seventh Generation, Belkin, Tyson Foods, Frito-Lay, SoyJoy, Kmart and Arby’s.