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Linear Equipamentos, TeamCast to collaborate on gap-filler product portfolio

Linear Equipamentos Eletronicos has acquired the rights to a manufacture the TeamCast GFX-0300 repeater in Brazil for incorporation into its gap-filler product portfolio.

The pairing of both companies’ technologies will enable streamlining in the production process, thereby offering substantial cost-efficiencies. Manufacturing of the GFX-0300 will begin on one of Linear’s assembly lines, in its newly acquired factory. With a range of transmitter power options, the Linear gap-filler line of products is designed to fill signal holes in existing coverage areas or to be placed at target special locations and events, such as arenas, shopping malls and tunnels.

The TeamCast GFX-0300 is a repeater engine that addresses the challenges and needs for high performance and reliability in DTV broadcast applications. It fully supports all DTV modulation standards, in particular the ISDB-T/TB standard (SBTVD) used in Brazil and other countries in South America, as well as the ATSC standard used in North America.