Linear Acoustic OctiMax 5.1 for audio processing

Former Dolby and Orban engineers have designed the Linear Acoustic OctiMax 5.1 digital television audio processor. The system combines the Octiv Octimax multichannel, multiband range-processing engine with audio metadata functionality and local audio insertion capability.

It provides a clean, consistent and appropriately dynamic audio signal for Dolby Digital (AC-3), MPEG or Windows Media 9 Series encoding and transmission to all consumers.

Local audio features include analog and digital inputs and outputs; UpMax, an upmixer that selectively creates a 5.1 channel version of stereo local programming; and AutoVoiceover, which allows control-free insertion of voice-overs by applying local audio to the unit.

The processing structures support eight mono programs, a 5.1 + 2 channel program, and any format in between. The two-channel structure combines a two-band AGC with five bands of compression, look ahead and peak limiting. Advanced multiband source noise reduction is also selectable. The proprietary 5.1 channel structure combines a two band AGC with four bands of compression, look ahead and peak limiting.

The 3RU system contains a color TFT display for detailed metering of the audio channels and processing activity for all programs. A large rotary encoder and four control keys allow for straightforward menu navigation and processing adjustment.

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