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Linear Acoustic gear meets DTV loudness specs

Linear Acoustic’s audio processing solutions for DTV audio satisfy existing and pending FCC regulations for loudness.

The newly introduced Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act), H.R. 6209, gives the FCC one year to enact rules that would require television advertisements to not be overly loud. If the CALM Act is passed into law, broadcasters will need to implement audio processing solutions that limit the loudness of advertisements.

The company said its AERO range of audio processing solutions can solve any loudness or image shift problem via advanced multiband loudness processing and upmixing. These products are available now and include all of the necessary elements for a compliant installation: loudness control, upmixing, metadata management, Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding, and support for local audio, SAP, DVS, and EAS signals.

Two of the largest audio issues in digital television are controlling loudness and keeping the audio image stable by supplying continuous 5.1 channels. To respond, the company introduced the AERO.air audio processor, a 10-channel TV audio processor with internal Dolby AC-3 encoding. It offers audio processing and encoding that broadcasters need for local, network, and EAS audio.

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