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LIN Media Chooses Masstech for Newsrooms

TORONTO—LIN Media will begin deploying the Masstech for News system at its television stations. This first phase of the deployment sets the stage to begin sharing and publishing news content between newsrooms throughout LIN Media.

“Our journalists need immediate access to the immense range of content created across our company, but having to wade through multiple layers of applications on top of the newsroom computer system is distracting and harmful to productivity,” said LIN Media Vice President Chief Technology Officer Brett Jenkins. “Masstech provides a transparent, time-saving solution that gives our newsrooms access to both local content and shared material from across all of our stations.”

Masstech for News enables journalists to drive a company’s media asset management system directly from within Avid iNews and Associated Press ENPS newsroom computer systems. This integration gives journalists unprecedented rapid, direct, non-disruptive access to content stored locally or anywhere within a broadcast group. This access encourages creative flexibility and heightens productivity in the newsroom.

“The Masstech solution will transform several of LIN Media’s newsrooms into a powerful set of interconnected news bureaus,” said Masstech CEO Joe French. “Each bureau will make its content available to the group, allowing the stories and video created by journalists to be published and used on-demand to strengthen and support many of their stations in other markets.”