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Lightning Experts introduce Discharge system

Lightning's PPD-1900

Lightning Experts has introduced three static discharge systems. The PPD-1900 brush has 19,000 stainless steel points with virtually zero wind-load.

The PPD-1200 is a smaller version of the 1900 with 8,000 discharge points. The 1200 system is designed for sites that don't require the larger system. The 1200 can be installed directly on satellite dishes as well as cameras and other equipment which require special protection.

The PPD-114, which has 3,000 discharge points is intended specifically for tower cameras, security cameras, rooftops and satellite dishes which do not require a larger brush.

Lightning Experts said that 24,000 discharge points (three PPD-1200s) on a 100’ tower is more than adequate for the ionization necessary to eliminate static and assist in dissipating the effects of lightning.

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