LG Pairing ‘Clean Remote’ With New Hotel TVs

(Image credit: LG)

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill.—When hotels purchase a new hotel TV from LG, they will also receive a free “Clean Remote,” which LG says will help address health concerns of travelers.

The Clean Remote features a non-porous, sealed membrane that can reduce bacteria and germs by as much as 99% compared to traditional remotes, according to Clean Remote LLC. The remote connects with all LG Hotel TV models, with no additional setup required.

Traditional remotes feature gaps and crevices that can trap dirt and germs from cleaning and disinfecting, says Clean Remote President Michael Monsky. He says that the Clean Remote’s membrane surface is meant for easy cleaning and sanitizing. 

Clean Remote is now part of LG Business Solutions USA’s new Health Protocol Initiative, which features a suite of products designed to provide commercial businesses with tools to help keep employees and guests safe.

“Safety is our primary concern, and LG is investing significantly in supporting our customers’ business needs during the pandemic,” said Mike Kosla, vice president of hospitality, LG Business Solutions USA.

LG is offering the Clean Remote for a limited time. For more information, visit www.CleanRemote.com/LG (opens in new tab).