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LG Equips Hotels with HDTVs

LG Electronics is equipping hotels with HDTVs, some integrated with digital tuners.

The array of a new televisions includes a widescreen 42-inch PDP, 32-inch LCD and 30-inch CRT HDTVs that have encryption technology to protect digital content.

"Now we have an encryption system that is both compatible with existing PPV interface controllers and meets the needs of movie studios and satellite providers," said Richard Lewis, senior vice president, LG Electronics.

The new LG PPV-compatible multiple- protocol interface (MPI) will receive HDTV programming without the need for an outboard tuner. The integrated HDTVs have XD Engine technology, taking low-resolution analog signals to near HD levels.

The LG integrated hotel HDTVs will accommodate the FCC regulation that requires TVs--36-inches and larger-- to have digital tuners by 2007 because this also applies to hotel televisions.