LG Electronics to Support 3.0 Phoenix Model Market Project With Receivers

PHOENIX — LG Electronics will provide ATSC 3.0 receivers for the Pearl TV-led Phoenix Model Market Project that will serve as a testbed for Next Gen TV services, the company said.

The move makes LG the first television manufacturer to join the initiative, which is being supported by 10 TV stations in the Phoenix market. A major goal of the project is to demonstrate how 3.0 can be deployed while maintaining ATSC 1.0 service.

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Branding the project “a key element of the commercialization of ATSC 3.0,” Dr. John Kim, senior vice president in the LG CTO’s office, said the initiative moves the Next Gen TV standard out of the lab and into the field. “We look forward to working with Pearl and Phoenix broadcasters on activities focused on technical, commercial, promotional and implementation aspects of the new platform,” said Kim, who also serves as president of LG’s Zenith R&D Lab in the United States.

The success of the initiative depends on the participation of various stakeholders, said Anne Schelle, Pearl TV executive director. “[T]he collaboration between LG and Perl leverages our significant respective resources and expertise to help facilitate the rapid conversion of the current ATSC 1.0 broadcast standard to the next-generation ATSC 3.0 standard.”

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Phil Kurz

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