LG Electronics and LodgeNet develop HDTV programming for hotels

LG Electronics and LodgeNet Entertainment unveiled a new satellite-sourced programming solution that will bring HDTV to hotel guests. The end-to-end solution delivers HD video to guest room televisions from the satellite dish and the off-air antenna. The new system is based on an LG-developed off-air platform that transcodes satellite-delivered HDTV channels (such as HDNet, HBO HD, Showtime HD, ESPN HD and Discovery HD Theater) for delivery to hotel rooms.

All satellite and off-air HD content will be seamlessly integrated with LodgeNet’s SIGNETURE TV system (delivering digital on-demand movies, music, TV programming and games) – so guests can watch HDTV with a single remote control. The system uses the LG transcoder to convert both satellite- and broadcast-delivered digital TV signals for delivery through the hotel’s coaxial cable to an industry-standard receiver in the guest room.

The set-top box integrates ATSC digital HDTV, traditional analog (NTSC) programming signals and now satellite HDTV signals, along with digital content protection and the interactive functionality of LodgeNet’s video-on-demand system card. This solution uses a specialized satellite distribution network and digital platform to bring on-demand entertainment to more than 435,000 hotel rooms today.

First installations of the new system are expected late this year when satellite provider agreements are finalized.

For more info: www.lgcommercial.com or www.lodgenet.com.

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