Level 3, Sony Develop Ethernet Video Network

Level 3 Communications and Sony Electronics recently announced that they co-developed technology to send broadcast-quality video and audio over Ethernet networks. The system uses Level 3's wide-area Ethernet technology combined with Sony's e-VTR protocol to merge synchronous and asynchronous data on a single network.

Sony's e-VTR technology can be added to the company's MPEG IMX VTRs and connects a video recorder to a standard Ethernet network. With the e-VTR option, MPEG IMX VTRs can transfer video and audio segments as files over IP networks to or from other connected MPEG IMX VTRs, servers or NLEs, anywhere in the world.

In a recent test of the technology, Sony and Level 3 engineers successfully transferred 50 Mbps and 30 Mbps 4:2:2 video over a LAN. The team also transferred video segments from Washington to Denver and Denver to Dallas using Level 3's Flex Ethernet service.