Leitch unveils HD signal converter and synchronizer

Leitch’s X75HD offers 10-bit processing for up-, down- and cross-conversions via a motion-adaptive de-interlacing technology.

Leitch has launched the X75 HD, an up-, down-, cross conversion and HD frame sync device that provides video and audio processing capabilities in 1RU.

Video processing features include level/color control; optional 3-D adaptive color decoding with time base correction; and optional noise reduction and frame synchronization. Sixteen channels of internal audio processing include timing with video for lip sync corrections; level control; analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion; and embedding and de-embedding for SDI and HD-SDI serial digital signals.

In news environments, the X75HD time base corrects any tape format. For broadcast, it performs up-conversion for HD output, down-conversion for monitoring/logging, and cross-conversion. As a switcher, it switches between SD and HD inputs with clean and quiet outputs with voiceover. In live mobile environments, its operator controls provide automatic input to select the proper HD output format.

The X75HD can up-, down- and cross-convert from up to seven input video formats to almost any output video format. To ensure signal quality, 10-bit processing for digital video is used via a motion-adaptive de-interlacing technology.

For more information, visit www.leitch.com.

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