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Leap Second Means ATSC PSIP Settings Must Be Changed

You might not have noticed, but the earth gained a second at midnight UTC on June 30. A leap second, 23:59:60, was added between 23:59:59 and 0:0:0 UTC. As the Wired article ‘Leap Second’ Bug Wreaks Havoc Across Web, pointed out, the extra second caused some problems for web sites. 

For broadcasters, the leap second means that the GPS_UTC_Offset field of the PSIP System Time Table (SST) is now 16 seconds, not 15 seconds. Check your PSIP SST using a program like TSReader to make sure the correct offset and the correct UTC time is being sent. 

NAB's TV TechCheck for May 14 has details on the GPS offset change as well as the other June 30 deadline – EAS CAP compliance.