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LCoS Maker Brillian, LCD Maker Syntax to Merge

Brillian, a designer/developer of rear-projection HD sets based on its proprietary liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) micro-displays, this week reported that its stockholders voted in favor of a proposed merger with privately held Syntax Groups. Shareholders of Syntax also reportedly voted in favor of the transaction. (The merger should have been completed on Nov. 30, according to both firms.)

Brillian stockholders also approved a proposal to authorize a corporate name change from Brillian to Syntax-Brillian Corp. Brillian develops rear-projection HD monitors targeted as currently the only provider of LCoS Gen II technology. It also makes LCoS micro-display products and subsystems that original equipment manufacturers integrate into proprietary HD products, multimedia projectors, and so-called "near-to-eye" products such as binoculars.

Syntax, founded in 2003, manufactures the Olevia brand HD-ready LCDs.