Latvian operator IZZI chooses Volicon Observer for monitoring

IZZI, a leading cable television, Internet and telephone provider in Latvia, has chosen the Volicon Observer media monitoring, recording and archiving system to provide around-the-clock monitoring for IZZI's 100 DTV channels. The Volicon Observer provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for IZZI engineers to track and troubleshoot transmission errors and maintain quality of service levels for the company's DTV offering.

The Observer provides automatic 24-hour video monitoring and recording of all 100 channels, freeing the operators for higher-value tasks. When the system detects a transmission error such as black screen, macroblocking or missing audio, it issues an e-mail alert to the engineer on duty with the offending video clip attached — making it easy for engineers to troubleshoot rapidly and correct the error. Observer records and archives the aired video content for up to 90 days, and engineers are able to go back and perform detailed analyses of past transmission faults.

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