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Large Screen Displays rolls out recently acquired videoconferencing rental unit

TANDBERG's 6000 videoconferencing unit

Large Screen Displays has released the branded version of its recently acquired TANDBERG 6000 videoconferencing unit and announced plans to sub-rent videoconference equipment, with the system specifically targeted for cross-renting to other AV rental dealers.

The user-friendly, easily transported TANDBERG 6000 is a portable videoconferencing codec (coder-decoder) that incorporates the H.264 standard, offering the AV rental dealers good video quality and the highest level of standards-based embedded encryption. The systems can be rented as a set to handle each end – near or far. Or one system can be rented, allowing communication to any existing client-installed videoconference system. Large Screen Displays will also offer support regarding the phone lines necessary and work hand-in-hand with the AV rental company to ensure that the rental is a success.

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