KXII Purchases Media 100 844/Xs

(October 28, 2003) Marlboro, MA--Dallas-area broadcaster KXII-TV Channel 12 has purchased a pair of Media 100's 844/X realtime, online vertical editing systems for spot production.

"When I viewed a demonstration of 844/X, I just couldn't believe what I was seeing in terms of the lack of rendering time, and the sheer speed with which it was creating sophisticated mattes and advanced visual effects," said KXII-TV operations manager and executive producer Joel Scarbrough.

"We were used to having to set up a project to render, go home and hope it was done the next day. Now, instead of sitting around waiting for things to 'cook,' we're spending that time completing a higher volume of work while also being able to change things creatively on the fly."

844/X maps well to the crossover skill-sets of KXII's creative team. Two of the department's three graphics artists are also editors, who may be working in Photoshop one minute and suddenly need to edit something the next. With the built-in Photoshop layer import capability in 844/X, the process is now more seamless, more efficient and more reflective of the way the artists think and work.

Media 100