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KWorld Card Converts PC into HD DVR-like System

KWorld Computer has released its HD/FM PCI recording system, a single-card conversion process that turns some PCs into DV/HD tuner/recorders with DVR-type capabilities. Most PC users, according to KWorld, have monitors and sound systems that are fully capable of delivering HD pictures and surround sound, but they lack relatively simple adapter cards.

The company's system is a multimedia processing card with IR remote control to capture, control and manipulate audio and video from antenna, cable or satellite sources. The receiver system is fully digital and allows sending FM, TV stereo and surround sound to a PC's two, four or six channels, and headphone systems, with low distortion.

KWorld's system includes all necessary software needed to program and record most terrestrial DTV, HD and FM broadcasts within a given DMA. Some of the features include time-shifting, scheduling, editing and titling software--plus VCD/DVD burning.

Minimum system requirements for the HD/FM PCI Recording System include an Intel Pentium 4, Celeron, AMD Athalon or compatible system operating at 1.3 GHz or higher, Windows XP, 256 MB of RAM, an available PCI slot (for the HD system card), a graphics system with 64 MB or greater of frame buffer and Microsoft Direct x9.0 support, and a sound card with speakers.