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KRON enhances traffic reporting with 3-D HD maps

KRON, the Young Broadcasting station in San Francisco, has added a new dimension to informing viewers of traffic conditions in the Bay Area with the addition of Beat the Traffic 3-D technology, which gives viewers a look at traffic from a completely different angle.

KRON viewers can use the up-to-the-minute traffic reports to plan their commute and travel. HD maps and real-time traffic speeds, incident reports and travel times will help commuters during all KRON newscasts and live streaming anytime on the station’s Web site.

Beat the Traffic provides accurate traffic information by pulling road data directly from Caltrans, CHP, and other private and public traffic monitoring networks. The forecasting feature provides historical traffic information to predict how long it will take to arrive at a destination at a given time. KRON will use Beat the Traffic’s travel forecasting feature to give viewers a better idea of what to expect on the roadways.

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