KOMO’s New Set Shows Off ‘Emerald City’

SEATTLE—When Team DDG was tasked with designing a new set for Sinclair owned KOMO in Seattle, the designers found their inspiration in views and skylines that help to make up the ‘Emerald City.’

Featured as the backdrop of the set is an RGB LED backlit wall with pictures of the downtown skyline and surrounding water, mountains and forests. Multiple video walls, a 6x3 array and a 4x3 array were also added to give a nod to the area’s tech industry. Even the infamous Seattle rain was able to work its way into the design, with an RGB LED backlit pattern to create ‘digital rain.’

The station’s floor graphics were inspired by Native American Northwest tribal art, and the desk designs are described as a pod of whales. DDG also included a helicopter blade above the main performance area in tribute to KOMO News photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Pfizner, who lost their lives in a crash in 2014.

The set debuted on Sunday, Sept. 27.