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KLCS-TV/DT deploys digital content distribution solution

KLCS-TV/DT deploys
digital content
distribution solution

In January 2004, KLCS completed the installation of a digital content distribution model able to reconfigure bandwidth and satisfy both over-the-air and classroom audiences. The project enables the station to provide educational content directly to the desktops of more than one million students and teachers in the Los Angeles County School District (LAUSD).

Systems integrator TV Magic guided the project. KLCS required a reliable and flexible combination of equipment that would allow large volumes of material in various file formats to flow seamlessly between various stages.

The upgrade included integration of a 28-channel Omneon Spectrum media server system controlled by Sundance Digital’s Titan automation software. The server allows engineers to separate studio and edit content, play-to-air material, streaming channels, and other assets into different volumes on the same server so that the facility’s automation system sees only the material relevant to it.

The server is also integrated with Pinnacle Liquid series production applications mounted on a GVS SAN/NAS for shared storage and near-line archiving. Together, these systems allow operators to mix compression formats on a single timeline, offer compatibility with the firewire drives deployed in Ikegami field cameras outfitted with nNovia hard-disk recorders, and provide an easy to use solution with enough horsepower to accomplish higher-end effects in real time. Triveni Digital’s Skyscaper system, coupled with Sundance Digital’s Seeker asset manager, provide the interface teachers use to request delivery of content to individual school campuses. Sundance’s Titan automation enables GUI-based, dynamic reassignment of playlist control. Sundance Archive Manager, in combination with Avalon, oversees near-line storage and retrieval of media for play to air, while the Sundance Intelli-Sat application schedules and records KLCS’ incoming satellite content.

Teachers can now browse or search the entire contents of the KLCS media library, which include not only video and audio, but also PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans and other resources. Once a teacher requests digital content, the high-res version is datacast to the school’s edge server for playout. The system allows teachers to search and browse for material without leaving their desktop.

Design Team
TV Magic:
Gus Allmann, Kathy Ogburn and Dean Humphus, design
Janet Crumb, installation, DST

Gonzales/Goodale Architects:
Gary Popenoe, architect

Alan Popkin, dir. of op. and engineering
James Mason, CE
Martin Miller, sr. eng.
Vernardo Watts, maint. eng.
Khanh Pham, network eng.
Equipment List
Omneon Spectrum media server
Sundance Digital: Automation, Intelli-Sat
Triveni Digital Skyscraper
Avalon IDM and XDSM archive manager
GVS Metropolis SAN/NAS
Leitch: NEO SuiteView, Integrator GOLD SDI, Opus MC switcher, DPS-575AV synchronizer, 6800+ video/audio conversion, 880 Series stereo audio DAs CCS Pilot and navigator
Pinnacle Liquid Edition and blue
Dielectric 888 antenna
TANDBERG encoders and IRDs
MRC DAR Plus microwave
For-A Hanabi switcher
Evertz 9625 LGA
Ikegami HL-DV7AW cameras
nNovia QuickCapture drives
Sony DMX-R100 console
Digital Rapids StreamZ 2500 Web encoders
K-Tech DM-100 DTV monitoring
Rohde & Schwarz T&M
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