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KKTV deploys IP newsgathering for extensive coverage of Colorado wildfire

KKTV, the Gray Television-owned CBS affiliate in Colorado Springs, CO, deployed TVU Networks' TVUPack to deliver more than 131 straight hours of live coverage of July's devastating Waldo Canyon fire.

The Waldo Canyon fire was the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history, consuming 18,000 acres and 346 homes. KKTV deployed TVUPack to deliver its extensive coverage of the fire and its aftermath.

"Because of TVUPack, we were able to deliver unprecedented real-time coverage of an event that significantly impacted the lives of every resident of Colorado Springs. TVUPack enabled us to cover the fire from every possible angle so that our viewers had the most accurate and up-to-date information at their disposal," said KKTV VP/general manager Nick Matesi.

The wildfires created an especially challenging broadcast environment for KKTV due to the rugged terrain surrounding Colorado Springs and the rapidly changing conditions as the fire moved. Used with a mobile automated satellite system, TVUPack was able to deliver quality HD footage over a combination of 3G and satellite links, giving KKTV the flexibility to go live from multiple locations, sometimes even broadcasting live while on the move.

"TVUPack has been an integral component of Gray's strategy to bring live coverage of news and events to viewers in each of the communities we serve," said Jim Ocon, VP Technology, Gray Television.