Kino Flo to Offer Element Labs LED Lighting Systems

Kino Flo has formed a strategic partnership with Element Labs to rent Element's LED lighting technology to the professional lighting industry.

Starting in September, Austin, Texas-based Element Labs' Kelvin Technology Series LED-based lighting systems will be available for rent through Kino Flo. The Kelvin Technology Series promotes the use of LEDs to create intelligent, controllable lighting, according to the company. It provides color temperature and maintains a color rendering index of 95 between 3200 K and 6500 K. It also offering "Digital Gelling," which allows users to dial in a desired theatrical gel and the option to save, recall and clone a series of lighting parameters. Initial product offerings from Element Labs include the Kelvin Tile, the compact Kelvin Brick and the Kelvin Paintbox remote control unit.

"Element Labs is honored to be partnering with the leader in film and television lighting," says Nils Thorjussen, CEO and president of Element Labs. "Cinematographers and gaffers look to Kino Flo for state-of-the-art technology and Element Labs is proud to contribute its cutting-edge LED innovation to their product offering."