KIFI news group uses WiMax newsgathering

KIFI-TV, the ABC affiliate in Idaho Falls, ID, is using its area’s new WiMax technology to create what it calls WING — Wireless Internet News Gathering.

KIFI is pairing the new WiMax technology brought to Idaho Falls by Digital Bridge Communications with an encoder/decoder system from Streambox. With upload speeds of 2Mb/s, KIFI’s crews use their laptops to send live video back to the station over the WiMax network.

“The technology from both partners worked well and effortlessly,” Mark Danielson, KIFI’s general manager, told “Lost Remote.” “It is critical that WING is simple and dependable for our staff to use.”

Danielson said the video image is near broadcast quality and while there’s currently a delay, it will improve as the technology gets better. However, the market is small and the station can’t afford an SNG truck, making the technology essential for live ENG.

Digital Bridge Communications just expanded its service to Idaho Falls. The station roamed around town with a portable modem to check the reliability of the service and found it available in most spots, from downtown Idaho Falls to Ammon.