Kent AV Finds Success with Thales Angenieux Lens

The Thales Angenieux 40x11 AIF.HR lens is the lens of choice for production veteran Ron Bowring.

Bowring, who has owned Kent Audio Visual in Wichita, Kan. and J&S Audio Visual in Dallas for 25 years, said he has used the lens for five years now, and it has been used at several high-profile events where a long-distance shot was necessary.

"At some of these facilities, it's easier to get the shot from a distance, and the Thales Angenieux 40x11 AIF high-resolution lens delivers smooth zoom and focus that is unmatched by any comparable lens we've tested," Bowring said. "It really allows us to secure long shots with confidence and is a complement to today's high-resolution digital cameras."

The lens is designed for use with digital, ENG/EFP broadcast cameras, and features Assisted Internal Focus capability, a multiplicity of 40x zoom (80x with 2x extender), focal length of 11mm to 440 mm and RS232 serial interface for digital remote control.