KBK and KBCI edit in place with MaxT

Fisher Communications stations will use MAXedit for craft editing with Bitcentral Precis
CBS affiliates KBAK and KBCI are using MAXedit to cut pictures on their Bitcentral Precis newsroom system.

Desktop editing has split into two styles, with post-production editing adding more and more features to facilitate the compositing and layering of complex image sequences. News editing has a different set of requirements, with speed and collaboration being top of the list.

Editing has progressed from linear tape editing to workstations with local storage, but for news it has become essential to edit media files on a shared storage system, or “edit-in-place.”

Last year, MaxT released a server-based editing system, MAXedit – winner of a Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit award at IBC2008. The company has recently announced the first commercial deployment in a newsroom project at two Fisher-owned CBS affiliates, KBAK in Bakersfield CA, and KBCI Boise, ID.

The browser-based craft editing system forms part of a complete newsroom installation by Bitcentral, based on their Precis 4.0 news production system.

“Both KBCI and KBAK immediately recognized the benefits that MAXedit’s browser-based editing functionality brings to their workflow,” said Diane Severns, senior account manager for Bitcentral. “Prior to adding MAXedit, the stations were performing all editing in dedicated nonlinear edit bays, which can be very limiting, especially in the hectic hours leading up to the newscast. MAXedit gives the news team the freedom to edit from any desktop across the station, anytime, and to work collaboratively to produce a deadline-driven, high-quality news product.”

Added Lee Wood, regional director of engineering, Fisher Communications, "These new systems are a quantum leap from tape-based production to a highly efficient, file-based news workflow. While migration to tapeless and HD production is an expensive, daunting challenge, Bitcentral is making the transition easy and cost-effective. As the broadcast news business becomes more competitive, these two systems work in tandem to help us streamline costs, increase productivity, and attract and retain a loyal audience."

Also included in Bitcentral’s turnkey news production system sales to KBAK and KBCI was MaxT’s Sledgehammer network storage device, which provides a centralized online media repository. Sledgehammer can be accessed by any editing system.