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KAIL-TV returns to NVERZION for complete acquisition, transmission, nearline storage package

Transamerica Broadcasting station KAIL-TV has selected NVERZION to provide a complete acquisition and transmission Package (ATP), ensuring redundant nearline storage and complete automation to accommodate the My Network affiliate's HD buildout as well as the station’s additional analog and digital channels.

KAIL’s new automated station includes NVERZION’s NControl Package with dub station software, two event On-Air playlists, redundant database, NTime event scheduler, Pathfire interface, NPoint segmenter, traffic interface, status and monitoring utility/auto-failover module, a redundant EMC device control system and a complete standby backup MC workstation with backup automation applications.

Beyond the automation components, the package NVERZION designed for KAIL included: Pathfire automation and transcoding gateway, miranda video and audio conversion and processing gear, Omneon Spectrum SD/HD video server system, an Avitech multi-image display system and NVERZION’s TeraStore 7.31TB nearline storage system paired with the company’s XPANSION software and NVERO Core Module for lo-res proxies (traffic).

The final installation also included a Utah Scientific SD/HD A/V routing system, featuring attached SD/HD SqueezeMax devices for program squeeze functionality, text crawls and internal logo generator.

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