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JVC SNG fleet selects Eyeheight legalEyes

Eyeheight's legalEyes video legalizers have been chosen for installation into a new fleet of eight satellite newsgathering trucks.

Built for JVC Professional Europe by Leeds-based E2E, the vehicles will be available on a contract-hire basis and are initially scheduled for television production projects in Nigeria.

Three cameras, three VTRs and supporting graphics equipment are incorporated in each truck, providing a self-contained origination, post-production and transmission resource.

The Eyeheight legalizers will enable those creating programs to ensure that all video output stays within the safe standard levels defined for broadcast transmission.

The legalEyes product conforms to EBU specification R103-2000 covering RGB color space and luminance levels. Clipping and soft-clip level, luma and chroma gain and black level are adjustable from the front panel. A single-button R103-2000 setting on legalEyes optimizes the video signal specifically to EBU recommended levels.

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