JVC Develops Tiny Image Amplifier for Super Hi-Vision

JVC said its latest D-ILA (direct-drive image light amplifier) for projectors is a 1.75-inch device (model 8K4K D-ILA) that has the world’s largest number of pixels and is able to display images at 8192x4320 pixels—which would be the equivalent of many times today’s 1080p. The small display device can produce and display images for Super Hi-Vision with the highest number of pixels currently defined under international standards.

Super Hi-Vision is a prototype television broadcasting service currently under development at NHK in Japan. A single image has approximately 7680x4320 pixels with 60 fps sequential scanning and 22.2 channels of audio. (The image format is international standard ITU-R BT.1769, SMPTE 2036.)